Complete Breakdown of Ultrasound Guided Injections

What Is a Joint Injection?

A common cause of painful joints is synovitis, in layman’s terms, is the inflammation of the lining of the joint. Ultrasound guided injections of corticosteroid and or local anesthetic medication put directly into the joint can often help to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. Reduction in pain can mean physical therapy is more effective.

This procedure is often performed in the shoulder, hip, or knee, however, it can also be helpful in other joints.

To make sure the injection goes where it is supposed to, to have a better chance of working, the injection needle will be guided using pictures or images, most often an ultrasound. X-ray or computed tomography, or CT for short, can also be used as guidance.

How does one prepare for a joint injection?

Before your appointment:

On the day of your appointment:

What happens during the injection?

The joint injection is commonly carried out with the aid of ultrasound, this will guide the injection. X-ray or CT depending on the joint to be injected, and the method that the radiologist prefers that is performing the procedure.

Generally, a preliminary scan is done to determine the exact place that needs to be injected, they could mark this on your skin. The skin is then cleaned with some antiseptic to prevent infection.

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