Insights from Stem Cell Treatments Experts

Insights from Stem Cell Treatments Experts

What You Must Do After Your IOVERA Treatment


Stem cell treatments and other non-operative procedures are highly effective in reducing pain and discomfort. However, there are instances when getting knee surgery is the only viable option. This type of surgery can be painful since it involves plenty of swelling and inflammation during the healing process, but you don’t have to fret since there are ways to reduce the pain and discomfort that you’ll experience. One of these is to undergo the IOVERA treatment, which is a type of cryoanalgesia therapy that targets the nerves around the surgical site and reduces the amount of pain signals that your brain receives.

The good thing about IOVERA is that it doesn’t require complicated aftercare procedures. However, to experience more comfort after your treatment and promote proper healing, you’ll want to take the following steps:


Make sure to clean the treatment area

The IOVERA treatment uses a small probe that’s inserted into the treatment region to apply cold to the target nerves. The probe is so tiny that you have to really look close to see it, but it still does break the skin. Because of this, you should clean the treatment area properly and keep it dry to facilitate proper healing and prevent infections.

Use ice to relieve soreness

You can expect to experience several side effects after your IOVERA treatment, and one of these is soreness in the affected area. Fortunately, you can easily relieve this by applying ice to the treatment area. Your doctor might also prescribe some over-the-counter medication to alleviate the soreness.

Avoid physical exertion for several days

It’s advisable to avoid exercise as well as other physically demanding activities for five days after your IOVERA treatment. This way, you won’t aggravate the soreness and swelling on the treatment area, and you’ll ensure that the treatment will work properly. Your physician will guide you on when and how to return to your normal activity levels.

Follow these tips to get the most of your IOVERA treatment! If you’d like to get more advice, or if you’re still searching for healthcare providers who can provide you with this type of treatment, make sure to call 417 Sports Medicine and Orthopedics: Eric M Gifford, MD. We are based in Springfield, MO, and we specialize in the IOVERA system along with stem cell treatments and other therapies. Reach out to us now at (417) 771-3147 to know more about our services and book an appointment with us!

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