Knowing More About Nonoperative Fracture Management

Knowing More About Nonoperative Fracture Management

Mending Without Scalpels


If you have ever wondered if mending a broken or fractured bone always requires surgery, then you are on the right page. The simple answer to that is no. There are many kinds of methods, approaches, and techniques that can help you mend or repair a fractured bone and one of them is non-operative fracture management. Know more about this technique by reading below:

General Principles of Fracture Management

If you have experienced breaking or fracturing your bone, then you must have already experienced non-operative fracture care and management before. This means closed reduction is involved, where the physician will try to reduce the fragmented bone without surgery or having to cut you open. This will allow the fractured bone to grow back and mend itself as bones have such ability, although it would take time. After doing so and placing the bone back in its place in order to grow and mend, your broken limb will be placed in a cast.

Closed Reduction

This non-operative technique of bone mending is often used in pediatric fractures. They are much more tolerant of such a method as there is significant remodeling potential in it.

What happens if the closed reduction method is inadequate?

This is where the surgical procedure comes in. This method will place steel rods, among other things, into your body to help stabilize and make sure the bones stay in place as they grow and mend together. These instruments will help hold the bone together for severe cases and if your bones need assistance in keeping steady. This is usually used in bones that are severely fractured, or in fingers as there are many joints.

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