Sports Medicine Physician Tips for Preventing Sports-Related Injuries

How to Remain Uninjured When Playing Sports

Every professional sports medicine physician will tell you, that sports injuries happen for 2 different reasons, which are trauma and overuse. And while traumatic sports injuries are obvious, overuse injuries are in fact more common.

Overuse injuries generally happen when a person’s body is pushed past its current physical limits or conditioning, however, poor technique and training errors, like running excessive distances or performing insufficient warm-ups, will frequently contribute. To help keep you or your athlete from experiencing a sports-related injury, try the following prevention tips.

Planning and preparing

If you are planning on exercising regularly or want to start a new program, you should speak to your primary care provider beforehand to discuss what your options are. Also, take the time to learn the right techniques needed for your sport or program. Working with a personal trainer is often safer.

Warming up and cooling down properly

It is vital that you warm up before starting any physical activity, as research has shown that a heated muscle is less likely to become strained. To do this, do some light walking or jogging before you begin your exercise, and then again afterward so your muscles can cool down slowly. Another good way to prevent injury is by increasing your flexibility. This can be achieved by stretching before and after a workout, however, it is best to do so once the body has already been warmed up.

Taking your time

Never push yourself too hard too fast, as getting in shape or starting a new sport takes time. Everyone needs to allow for enough time to pass when it comes to increasing training levels so their bodies have time to adjust to the stress placed on bones, joints, and muscles. For example, running, try to increase mileage gradually and give yourself time to recover between workouts.

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