Stem Cell Treatments – What Do They Do?

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatments

Stem Cell Treatments

Derived products and stem cells offer great promise for new medical treatments. In this article, you will learn about stem cell types, possible and current uses, the state of practice and research, and stem cell treatments.

You have probably heard about stem cells in the news, and perhaps you have wondered whether they might help you or a loved one with a serious disease. You may wonder what stem cells are, why they are the subject of vigorous debates, and how they are being used to treat injuries and diseases. Keep reading and find out more.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials – cells from which all other cells with special functions are created. With the right conditions in the laboratory of the body, stem cells divide to form more cells, which are called daughter cells. These daughter cells become new stem cells or become specialized ones with a more specific function, such as brain cells, blood cells, heart muscle cells, or bone cells. No other cell in the body has the ability to generate new types of cells.

Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

Stem cells are found in small numbers in most tissues, such as fat or bone marrow. Compared with embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells have a more limited ability to give rise to other cells of the body. Researchers think that stem cells in bone marrow can only give birth to blood cells. However, emerging evidence suggests that adult stem cells can create other types of cells. For instance, bone marrow stem cells may be able to create heart muscle or bone cells.

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