The Need for a Sports Medicine Physician During the Pandemic

How the Pandemic Has Affected Sports Medicine


The pandemic has turned the world upside down ever since it was announced back in March and the entire medical industry is feeling the full blow of it, including specialists such as a sports medicine physician and the like. Not only are medical specialists in high demand, but the sports world has also taken the brunt of the quarantine measures. Although the measures have been easing, you can still feel the effect of the pandemic in the sports industry. Read more about it below.

The Availability of Physicians

Because some states are already allowing high schools to continue their sports programs, physicians will be available again. From regular football practices to minor games, there will be a need for physicians and if you’re worried that your kids could get injured during these practices and games, worry not because physicians will be available.

Student-Athletes with Underlying Conditions

Student-athletes who are going to start playing sports again for their respective schools will be consulted first before being allowed to play. Any student who has underlying conditions such as asthma, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, and the like will be evaluated first by a sports medicine physician and other authorities to determine if it would be safe for them to play contact sports.

Tracking System

Some schools might not have the capacity to track each and every individual athlete when it comes to new infections. In light of this, there are those that have proceeded to create a system in which students are to be regularly evaluated by healthcare professionals and assisted by faculty and parents.

These are some of the areas where the pandemic has affected the sports medicine industry and how sports will be handled during the pandemic. If your student-athlete child does get injured during games or practices, you can turn to a sports medicine physician such as 417 Sports Medicine and Orthopedics: Eric M Gifford, MD. We can provide the treatment that student-athletes in Springfield, MO need. Call us at (417) 771-3147.

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