What Does a Sports Medicine Physician Advise on Joint Pain?

Non-Surgical Treatment of Joint Pain

Non-Surgical Treatment

Many individuals suffer from joint pain, both young and old. So, there is a dilemma you face: to exercise or give up? Any sports medicine physician would give you this advice: Don’t give up! It’s important to remember that exercise is crucial for everyone, especially those who suffer from arthritis.

One of the sports you will find useful is spinning/biking. Any form of activity that relieves pressure on your knees, hips, and back is a great exercise. If fitted properly for a bike, this is a great activity that gets you moving and keeps your joints protected. That’s because most of your weight falls on the seat – not on your knees like in walking or running. Proper shoes also help center the pressure on the ball of your foot and take the pressure off your joints.

Swimming/water aerobics is another option for people with joint pain. Swimming is one of the most fitting sports activities for patients with arthritis. It strengthens your natural body resistance and endurance. Once again, when you move in the water, the focus is on the arms and the upper part of the body and not so much on the feet and knees.

Walking is a third alternative for everyone with joint pain. Most non-surgical physicians and experts will agree that walking at a steady pace is one of the best exercises for people of all ages. You can do it anywhere, it’s free of charge, and it only takes a good pair of shoes, and you are free to go. When establishing a walking schedule, start slowly – walk only 20 to 30 minutes at a time, three to five times a week. Gradually build up endurance by walking longer and more frequently.

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