What Does Injuries Does a Sports Medicine Physician Treat?

Want to Make Sure You Go to the Right Doctor?

Have you unexpectedly been afflicted by a sports injury? If so, it is not the best choice to see your usual GP. Sports medicine concentrates on prevention and the treatment of fitness and sports injuries specifically. A sports medicine physician is able to identify and treat such injuries while giving you good advice on how to prevent injuries in the future. The following are a few injuries they treat.

Knee Injuries

Your knee consists of multiple essential structures, some of which can be damaged due to physical activity. The most prevalent knee injuries are fractures, dislocation, and tears in soft tissues like ligaments. In some instances, more than one is involved in the damage.

The most common symptoms of knee damage are swelling and pain. Many knee injuries do result in feelings of instability as you exert your knees during physical activity.

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is a ball and base joint that comprises several interconnected parts. The flexibility of the shoulder can make it vulnerable to numerous sports injuries. Damages can also happen as the tissues that help stabilize the shoulder start to weaken.

Elbow Injuries

Overhand throwing does place exceptionally high tension on an elbow. When replicated multiple times in sports like baseball, these high stresses can result in an extreme overuse injury. When compared to an immediate injury that occurs from a fall or a collision with another athlete, an overuse injury of a shoulder will develop slowly over time.

Overuse injuries of the elbow are more likely to happen when physical movement is repeated multiple times. While throwing injuries are common among pitchers, they can also be sustained by anyone that engages in repetitive overhand throwing.

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