What You Need to Know About Ultrasound Guided Injections

A Non-Invasive Approach to Treating Pain


When oral medication, physical therapy or joint manipulation is no longer easing the pain, what do you do? Medicine has progressed so far as to provide you with a new way of dealing with the pain in your joints and muscles. This is safe, and non-invasive, meaning it does not require any surgeries and is often recommended to people who find that other conservative methods are no longer effective. A brief discussion on the procedure of ultrasound guided injections can be read below.


Ultrasound is known to provide images of the internal body structure and is often used in assessing the progression of a pregnancy. Of course, it is not only useful in these types of medical examinations. When performing joint injections, doctors often use ultrasound so they can have what is termed as ‘x-ray vision’. Instead of relying on the common touch and experience to determine where the injection will be placed, the ultrasound guides where the injection should be placed.

Benefits of Procedure

Ultrasound guided injections not only provide a more accurate way of treating pain, finding the joint and nerves that need medication with precision, it also ultimately makes such procedure safer. It has been used by physicians for 20 years now and has posed no threat to those who choose to have their medicine and treatment administered that way. An added benefit is that because of the accuracy of the system, the chances of mistakes are decreased. There is also lesser pain involved in the administration and procedure.

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