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If you participate in sports or drive a commercial motor vehicle, you likely require a physical exam. At 417 Sports Medicine & Orthopedics in Springfield, Missouri, sports medicine physician and orthopedic specialist Eric Gifford, MD, provides sports physicals and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals to people seeking to pursue their hobby or career in good health. Call 417 Sports Medicine & Orthopedics or use the online booking tool to schedule a physical today. 

Physicals Q & A

What is a physical?

A physical is a routine test conducted by your medical care provider to assess your overall health. You should receive regular physicals to ensure you’re in good health, regardless of whether you are sick or not. 

At 417 Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, Dr. Gifford provides patients with physicals, answering their questions and addressing concerns about their health. Dr. Gifford also discusses changes or problems with your health, helping you find the treatment you need.

Dr. Gifford offers sports physicals for those participating in athletic activity and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals for those driving commercial motor vehicles. These tests determine if you’re physically able to engage in these activities. 

Why do I need a physical?

If you play a sport or drive a commercial motor vehicle, you’re usually required to receive a physical exam to ensure you’re in good health to participate in these activities. 

Dr. Gifford recommends that you receive a physical at least once a year, especially if you are over 50. These exams are used to:

  • Update necessary immunizations
  • Test for potential diseases 
  • Identify issues that may develop into medical concerns
  • Ensure you’re maintaining a healthy diet and frequent physical activity
  • Develop a relationship with your health care provider 

Regardless of your lifestyle, career, or age, you can benefit from a physical exam. Dr. Gifford takes the time to discuss your medical history and health concerns to ensure you receive necessary treatment and stay up-to-date on your overall health.

What should I expect during a physical?

When you come into 417 Sports Medicine & Orthopedics to receive a physical, Dr. Gifford confirms the reason for your physical to provide you with the assessment you need. If you require a sports physical, Dr. Gifford determines if you’re taking medication, asks about allergies, reviews prior test results, and more. 

During your physical, Dr. Gifford checks your vitals, including pulse and blood pressure. He also documents your weight and height to determine if growth spurts and weight changes have caused stress on your joints, muscles, and bones. You may receive an eye exam, as well, to check if you need prescription lenses or a change in your existing prescription lenses. 

After that, Dr. Gifford conducts a fitness check and examines your heart, lungs, and abdomen to make sure you don’t present physical limitations. He checks your joints and flexibility to identify areas that may be prone to injury. Dr. Gifford suggests exercises and stretches that can help prevent potential complications. 

Alternatively, suppose you require a DOT physical. In that case, Dr. Gifford conducts an exam to test your physical health to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle according to the Department of Transportation’s requirements. Whether you want to operate a vehicle that holds more than eight people or are required to transport hazardous materials, you’re required to undergo a DOT physical. 

Dr. Gifford checks your blood pressure, vision, hearing, digestive system, and mental health to ensure you do not have a medical condition that’ll interfere with your ability to safely operate the vehicle. Make sure to share your medical concerns with Dr. Gifford to receive the answers you need. 

To receive a physical, call 417 Sports Medicine & Orthopedics in Springfield or schedule your appointment online today.